VEE® Female Urinal |Travel Urination Device & Pee Funnel for Women | Discreet Carry Bag – Purple



  • PEE OUTDOORS QUICKLY, EASILY AND DISCREETLY: When you have go, you have to go! This leak-free, reusable urinator device makes doing your business a breeze – from public bathrooms, Camping to the great outdoors
  • * SUPER SANITARY: Made from durable, antimicrobial, medical-grade silicone. Resistant to moisture and germs. so it’s easy too clean with water, dry and can be used again and again. Free from latex, phthalates, BPAs and other harmful chemical
  • LEAK-FREE AND EASY TO USE:Compatible with pants and outdoor clothing and gear. The long urinary neck and tip is shaped for easy aiming – no wet clothes or shoes!
  • STURDY AND LIGHT: VEE Female Urinal Is Designed With Wider Sides, Allowing It To Mold To Any Body Shape Easily But Still Strong Enough That It Doesn’t Fold/Collapse While Using. Simply hold it against your body and pee.
  • WIDE RANGE FOR USE : This Ladies Portable Travel Toilet Is Great Item For Anybody Who Spends a-lot of Time Outdoors, Travelling, On Car Journey’s, At Festivals, Camping, Cycling, Walking, Dog Walking, Hiking. Stand up and take control, and avoid the filthy festival portable toilets, and grim public toilets! Ideal for traffic jams, festivals


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